1. God Loves You.
  2. God knows all about You. (everything)
  3. God still Loves You no matter what and is not mad at You. (really true)
  4. In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and all of the Universe.
  5. God created Mankind (Adam) in his own image.
  6. God breathed his breath of Life into Adam (Mankind)
  7. Adam became a living soul with God’s Life.
  8. God gave this World to Adam (Mankind).
  9. This is Adam’s World we live in.
  10. Everything was Good and Perfect in this World and between God and Adam (Mankind)
  11. Mankind (Adam) was in the perfect will of God in the Garden of Eden. (Mankind (Adam) walked with God)
  12. God told Adam he would die on the day he ate the fruit from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
  13. Adam disobeyed God and Sinned when he ate the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
  14. Two Massively Devastating things happened when Adam rebelled against God and sinned.
    1. Adam died in his Spirit and all Mankind was eternally separated from God.
      • Spiritual Death is Separation from the God of Life and Good and Peace.
      • Adam (Mankind) lived on in the physical world, but was now separated from God. (Spiritually dead)
    2. Now Adam (Mankind) and this World know Evil and Good.
  15. Adam (Mankind) was now hopelessly lost from God with no way back and with Evil and Good in the world.
  16. God made a Plan to get Mankind back from Spiritual Death and Separation from God.
  17. God always keeps his Word, so
    1. He made a covenant (agreement) with a Man named Abraham. (Old Testament or Old Covenant)
    2. Through the Jewish people, God made a way to send another Man.
  18. This Man was Jesus who was God and was not Spiritually Dead (not Separated from God).
  19. Jesus came here to Adam’s (Mankind’s) World and told us about how Good God is and how God wants us back.
  20. The Plan that God made was to pay for all of Mankind’s sins through Jesus. (includes me and You)
  21. As a part of the Plan, Jesus went to the Cross and Died both physically and Spiritually for us.
  22. As a part of God’s Plan, Jesus was the first human being ever to be raised from Spiritual Death to Spiritual Life.
    1. Jesus was Separated from God when he died on the Cross and then Resurrected back to Life with God.
    2. He was also raised from physical death.
  23. God’s Plan is simple
  24. Buy back Mankind from Spiritual Death and offer Spiritual Life to Anyone who will Believe with their Heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead and confess with their mouth that Jesus is their Lord and Savior.
  25. God made a New Covenant with Mankind through Jesus that will give You Eternal Life if You will follow Jesus.
  26. You can do it right now and God will do a miracle inside You.
  27. You can be Born Again with Eternal Life inside You.
  28. It’s not hard to do.   (Ready, Set, Go…)
  29. Pray or say this to God.
    1. “I believe that you God raised Jesus from the dead and I take Jesus right now as my personal Lord and Savior”.
    2. “Thank you Father God for forgiving me based on what Jesus did for me on the Cross.”
    3. “Thank you Father God that I am Born Again with your Eternal Life.”
  30. If You prayed this prayer sincerely, God heard You and answered your prayer.
  31. You are now Spiritually reconnected to God. (Eternal Life)
  32. Old things are passed away and all things have become new in You.
  33. Now find a good New Testament Bible and start reading it.
    1. You can start reading the New Testament at any of the books. (Ephesians is good)
    2. It’s Ok and good to read the New Testament over and over again.
    3. Reading the Bible changes You for the better.
  34. Now find a Bible Believing Church where You can go regularly and learn more about the Goodness of God.
  35. Oh yeah, the Bible says that Heaven Rejoices when someone (You) gets saved.
  36. Pass this on to someone else.
  37. Thanks.